Few Reasons Why Cellphones Are Bad For Your Health

While cellphones gives an efficient and easy way to communicate with friends family,and co- workers too much use can lead your health to be at risk. Mobiles phones are  very dangerous because it the radio waves are transfered to all and different fields that radio waves and electromagnetic fields that can’t be able to break the bonds of chemical or caused ionization in the human body. Although cellphones are known to be a very low powered radio frequency transmitters, because your handset can transfer the power when it is on, and therefore it is important to increase your distance from your handsets.


The Federal Communication  Commission suggest cellphone users to keep a minimum distance of 20 centimeters from their handsets to avoid from being too close and exposed to radiation. Young children in particular needs to be very careful because we d not have enough information nor do not have enough time to be sure that those gadgets specifically cellphones are safe to use.


It has being warned all over the world by the experts and even the company to reduce from using cellphones overtime because it can lead you to having a cancer, and always reminding that we do not have to gamble our lives for using it overtime. The presence of cellphones while two or more people talking face to face can generate negative feelings towards the person who has his or her device visible. The result of the study shows that those who have mobile cellphone will get a more negative outcome.

Thanks to our business partner Milly M. Jackson that shared this useful information to us!