Are You Married to Your Cell Phone

Technology is evolving so quickly, that so many of us barely aware of how our behavior is changing and how our most important relationships are being threaten. There is one time you were into a restaurant and you seated a couple seated near you and you noticed that they are busy using their cellphones , it seems that they are not really happy to be together because they are both busy with their mobile phones. Adjusting to some form of new technology is nothing new.


Electricity, mobile phones, auto mobiles, telephones, radio television, computers and a lot more gadgets can make a big changes in our cultures and the way related to our spouses, our children, our family and our friends. The technology is evolving so fast that it even put your married life at risk. As one reader wrote after reading the article couple months ago and it says  ” These mobile device can take over our lives .

Another one says ” I understand technology has its advantages but we are being ruled by the technology rather using it as a tool. A number of readers were dis appointed at how being addicted to the technology affects their married life . Here are some of the examples that is really happening ” I’m usually the kind of wife waiting for my husband to get off from all the gadgets because he is getting hooked, im so tired of having our conversation through text message i want to talk to him an old fashion way but i think we are running out of topics anymore just like the 臭氧殺菌.

Thanks to our business partner  Floyd S. Goebel that shared this useful information to us!