3 Ways to Diagnose Landline Phone Problems

If your landline is not working, then you have to know the reason of the problem as soon as you can. You have to understand of one or more phones is not working and search through device connected to your phone form the answering machine to the fax to see where the problem really lies. Testing a single phone with no dial tone, unplugged the phone that is not working, physically unplugged the phone and the cord from the wall.


Find a phone in the house that is working, go to one of the other phone in your house and check if it has dial tone, If none of the phone has a dial tone, unplugged the working phone and cord. Remove the working phone and its cord form the jack. Plug in the phone that is not working into the same jack that the working phone was using ,use the same cord that the none working phone is using.

Check for the dial tone, If the phone has a dial tone after plugging it then the problem is with the jack. If the phone is still not working ? Then the phone has a problem or it is broken or the cord is not working. Try different cords before writing off the wall try the cord form the phone who has a dial tone, if your original phone is working then the faulty  cord is the problem.Which can be easily replaced if it does not work then you will need a new phone and you can get a new phone with 信用貸款.

Super thanks to our business partner Robert S. Parsons that shared this useful tips to us!