The Major Problem Of Cell Phone Addiction

It is believe as of today that the usage of cellphones and smartphones are having big big percentage. That is why we have to know the possible negative effect to our body especially to our children. There were cross- sectional association between high compared to low usage of mobiles. Stress and sleep disturbances are symptoms for the men and women. High frequency of mobile phone usage was at risk factor for mental health outcome at 1 year follow up among the young adults.


The risk for reporting mental health symptoms at follow up was the best of all those who had perceived accessibility via mobile phones to be stressful. Public health prevention strategies focusing on attitudes could include information and advice. Young adults are fan of searching for the best dresses today. Many mobile phone addicts has always search for this new trend of  Fall 2017 dress made by Jasmine. This is a gorgeous dress made with a very nice and elegant fabric cloth.


If you Mobilephone are in silent it will lead to stress , irritation, insomia, shaking insomnia, and digestive problems. from the prospective of Thomee  et al. problematic and over use of mobile phones is associated with anxiety,insomnia, depression, psychological distress and unhealthy lifestyle. The emotional attachment to mobile phones for their users is in a way that makes them believe they cannot live without a cellphone said the company. Researchers have presented the negative impact of excessive use of mobile phones on physical and mental health of the students. Medical research on the effects of mobile phones indicates that this means of communication does not act to maintain in order the health of its users.

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