Authentication Problems with WIFI service

All the wireless connections that i have ever encounter at one point or another has given me pr anybody else the WiFi Authentication problem error and refuse to to connect the device despite of the password being correct . It can really make your day irritating and disappointing if you need to use the internet on your phone and your mobile data through your carrier is not available for some reason. Personally i get really frustrated and loose my control in such situations.


But then luckily, there is an available and much better solution for my burden. The problem occurs when you try to connect to a WiFi network although you know already the password to be correct. Every time you are trying to connect to a network you will see a notification below the name of the network saying authenticating and afterwards you get a notice that you have authentication problem or authentication occurred. And your phone and gadgets are refusing to connect to server.

How to fix this Authentication problem? To be able to fix this problem it is very simple but before doing it do not forget that one solution is given below and they maybe work but not in all situations. From your phone go to settings look for WiFi connections,From there find the network you were trying to connect and long press the name, the menu will pop in on screen. Choose option to forget network, make your self far from the router and then try again to re connect and enter your password. ¬†That’s the nice word.

Many thanks to our business partner Dominick S. Hill that shared this useful information to us!