Cell Phone Distracted Driving Problem

Multi tasking is a myth, driving and using cellphone both requires a presence of mind and focus. If you are doing it both at the same time your brain will not be able to function really well. Like for an instance , you cannot read a book while using a phone. This often result crashes while driving a vehicle, due to delayed breaking times and will not be able to see the traffic signs. Everyday all over the world there are so many reports regarding a car accidents and the main reasons are cellphone usage while driving.

We know cellphone related crashes are a problem, we just cant imagine how big the problem is. Bad news they don’t have an analyzer or a test exists for using a cellphone while driving. And drivers involve in a crashes constantly deny of cellphone usage while driving. There is no safe way to use a phone and drive, Even when talking hands free drivers can miss seeing up half of what is around them because they are engage in cellphone conversation.


Thousands have died in crashing involving cellphone use, many possibilities of distractions will occur while driving and  cellphone use are the main reason to that. There are many resources that we can use in getting ideas for your wedding styles and dresses.Cellphones are the top resources today in searching for the best Wedding Dresses. Almost everyone has been using a cellphone, and it’s an effective way to search for the best fashion trends today.

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