The World of Mobile Apps

10 years ago, nobody knew the existence of mobile apps. Now, we can’t live without them. People can’t get enough of pressing their thumbs on apps.

A study shows that an average smartphone user spends 667 minutes per month using apps. That’s a lot of time. That’s 11 hours or so. Imagine what you can do in 11 hours. You can catch up on your sleep or your reading. You can watch 4 movies in 11 hours.

Here’s another fact, iPhone and Android users own an average of 15 apps. For sure, Facebook is one of them. There’s no way someone doesn’t have Facebook nowadays.


The top smartphone platforms are Google, RIM, Apple, Microsoft, and Palm. Google leads the way with 31.2% of the pie.

The top mobile phones are Samsung, Motorola, LG, RM, and Apple. This survey was done somewhere around 2012, so things were still a bit different.

In 2010 alone, there were over 5 billion apps downloaded. This is good news for app developers, and advertisers.


The top mobile app categories that were downloaded are as follows: social networking, maps, classifieds, general references, and online retail. By looking at this graph alone, maybe you can tell your mobile app developer friend to concentrate on making these types of apps to get a large chunk of the total downloads.

Online retail is something I’m particularly fond of, since shopping by mobile is so fun and easy to use now. You can view the products anytime and virtually anywhere. Nothing beats the excitement of owning a possible gadget and having it delivered to your doorstep. That’s the power of mobile apps.