Essential Smartphone Apps

So, you bought a new smartphone, but don’t know what apps to download first, or simply are in need of an app list to check out. Here is the list of essential apps for you.

First are the social networking apps:

(1) Facebook – lets you know everything about everyone. Well almost.

(2) Twitter – lets you know what goes on in people’s heads. Their every thought fart.

(3) Instagram – lets you see the beautiful side of everyone’s lives in the form of pictures and videos.

(4) Snapchat – lets you see the ugly side of everyone in a very short while.

Next are the cloud storage apps:

(1) Dropbox – a sophisticated way to put your stuff in a cloud.

(2) Google Drive – you get a lot of storage.

Next are the communication apps:

(1) Viber – very popular in the Philippines

(2) Line – popular in Japan and Taiwan

(3) Whatsapp – popular in general in the world

(4) WeChat – popular in China


The next apps on our list are Spotify, Google Chrome, an online shopping app, a quotes app, Uber, Youtube, Pokemon Go, and the mobile banking app of your choice.